What are Guided Learning Hours (GLH)?

Verity Sangan

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Guided Learning Hours (GLH for short) is the average amount of time that it will take a learner to complete the theory, practical elements, and assessments related to the qualification.

GLH does not include additional time that you may need to dedicate to self-study and further research for your qualification.

Regulated qualifications cannot be rushed, and it is important that you make sure that you can dedicate the time required to your qualification before you apply.

For our regulated qualifications, the following Guided Learning Hours apply:

Qualification TitleGLH
Level 2 (RQF) Diploma in Care460
Level 3 (RQF) Diploma in Adult Care580
Level 3 (RQF) Administer Medication to Individuals and Monitor the Effects (standalone unit)30
Level 5 (RQF) Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult CareLevel 5 (RQF) Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care800
Level 2 (RQF) Award in Awareness of Dementia80

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